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Screenshot from a clicks/impressions graph in Google Search ConsoleScreenshot from a clicks/impressions graph in Google Search Console
Google Search Console stats shows organic traffic of your website

I am going to tell you why I think that every website owner should think about SEO and why they need to build a strong foundation for SEO on their websites

I started my career as a software engineer. For me, it was cool because I could create things myself only by having a computer and make it available to people only by having access to the internet (there is no need for expensive manufacturing like for physical products and complicated or expensive sales channels, logistics, etc.)

The first thing I made and marketed was a free tool for software engineers. I created an SEO-optimized landing page for it using modern web technologies and launched it. Of course, I did a promotion on the industry-centric websites, and I got a traffic spike that faded after some time. Yes, It’s not surprising that the product launch promotion campaign’s organic traffic does fade when the hype is gone. The same is true for an ad with a limited budget, the traffic fades when the whole budget is spent.

One of the organic traffic mechanisms that I thought would work without a hassle was Github. If you don’t know about it. It's a marketplace for free software. Contrary to my expectations, the traffic from the platform was almost non-existent. So I was joking that you could put your secret software source codes on Github. Without marketing, hardly will anybody discover it. This is a joke, don't try this at home.

It was a free tool, I didn’t have any plans to monetize it from the beginning and I left it there.

So I forgot about it.

One day, 3 months, or 6 months later. I decided to check Google Analytics and what I saw was unexpected. I saw consistent traffic from Google. This is all in the case that I didn’t do anything for the website during this period.

That was the point that I realized how important it is to have an SEO-optimized website.

Once you have the SEO right, the website will start to work for you.

When I checked the number of installations, I saw a reasonably high conversion rate.

Yes, the traffic from search engines is warm traffic, and that’s another huge benefit of it.

So I came to the conclusion that if you know how to have a proper SEO then you will have constant traffic and conversions.

But there’s one big disadvantage in SEO. SEO is a slow game. That means that every improvement takes effect after a while.

The time is longer for the new websites. So if you want to launch a digital campaign for your product, you can’t just sit and wait for results. There come other forms of digital marketing.

So I immersed myself in the topics of SEO and digital marketing and used the knowledge to build several digital products.

Having created a lot of websites and digital assets, I decided to share my learnings and tools I use with you, which will hopefully help you to get more traffic, and if you haven’t one - create one and generate traffic.

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