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Hello, My name is Sergey,

Welcome to my blog about marketing, where I post content that will help you grow your presence on the internet using technology and digital marketing strategies.

There are many digital marketing blogs, but not that many marketing and technology blogs. This marketing technology blog is created to fill the gap.

While creating content on the internet, sometimes you find out that there are situations where you need to learn about the techy stuff.

Be it

  • that tracking code,
  • that cookie management system,
  • that automation that folks are doing,
  • that SEO optimization that everybody talks about,
  • that paid ads setup that does not burn money,

This blog will help you implement the techy marketing staff and grow your website's traffic and online presence.

You don't have a website yet? No problem. You can set it up now by following this article.

Creating a website is super easy nowadays.

With website builders, everybody can have a website.

Having a website that gets constant traffic is another thing!

If you know how important marketing is for your website or for your online presence, you are in the right place.

Get notified when I release a new blog post. I might send you great marketing tools and offers!

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When the blog will be helpful for you

When you have a website, or you will set up one.

Every article is written here for a reason. That reason is to make your website better or promote your website in a way that you might not have been aware of (I think we all learn new ideas and techniques regularly when we read great blogs).

The topics covered in the blog include:

  • How to create a blog or website
  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid advertising
  • Marketing tools
  • What successful websites are doing that you can do to
  • Content management systems
  • Website data analytics

Marketing a blog

Since blogging is of the best ways to get organic traffic, a special section is devoted to blogging tips.

Blogs should be created and written in a way that would make them bring constant organic traffic with little maintenance.

Blogs are the best way to bring organic traffic to your website. Blogging is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization (SEO).