Top Media Planning Tools

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising and brand strategy, media planning is as a critical pillar for success, guiding brands through the intricate journey of audience engagement and impactful messaging. In this guide, we dive into the diverse approaches and tools that empower brands and agencies to maximize their reach, efficiency, and ultimately, their return on investment in the digital age.



ClickUp offers an extensive suite of social media planning templates designed for media planners, social media managers, and small business owners aiming to streamline their media planning and advertising strategies. One of the standout tools is the ClickUp Social Media Content Plan Template, which includes key components such as goals, target market, types of posts, and desired outcomes. This template is particularly beneficial because it allows for the integration of additional details directly within ClickUp Docs, thereby minimizing the need for multiple documents and ensuring effective communication and organization within teams.

The platform also features a Media List Template that aids in organizing all media strategies, buyer persona research, and content planning ideas in one central location. It facilitates the creation and management of a detailed media directory, which can be crucial for strategic planning and execution. Moreover, ClickUp's Social Media Strategy Template provides a structured approach for brainstorming and executing on paid social media campaigns, offering tools to tag team members, change task statuses, and customize fields to adapt to various needs.

Lastly, the versatility of ClickUp's templates extends to content scheduling with the ClickUp Content Calendar Template, which supports planning, assigning, and tracking content tasks across various views like calendar, list, timeline, and workflow. This helps ensure timely content creation and seamless collaboration. For content teams working at scale, the Content Production Scaling Template offers visibility into the editorial calendar and stages of production, facilitating a scalable content production process.



Media planning has evolved with the advancement of technology, requiring agencies, advertisers, and publishers to utilize efficient planning solutions to reach their audiences effectively. Nielsen offers comprehensive tools like Nielsen Media Impact, designed to facilitate cost-effective decision-making in targeting audiences across platforms and devices. By providing access to proprietary datasets for cross-channel audience targeting, Nielsen enables users to create, plan, activate, and measure audience segments seamlessly.

Nielsen's solutions empower users to understand consumer behaviors, purchase patterns, and media consumption across various channels, helping them develop successful brand, advertising, and marketing strategies. With features like advanced segment analysis, audience profiling, and marketing budget optimization, Nielsen equips users with the insights needed to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns and achieve their goals. Furthermore, tools like Audience Planner streamline the process of planning campaigns across mediums like TV, digital, and radio, enabling users to identify the most suitable networks and programs to reach their target audiences efficiently.

As the media landscape continues to evolve, Nielsen remains at the forefront, providing innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of the industry. By integrating first-party data platforms and automation into their tools, Nielsen aims to simplify the planning process and deliver actionable insights that drive success for advertisers and agencies alike.

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Bionic is a comprehensive media planning and buying platform that automates and streamlines the workflow for ad agencies, advertisers, and ad sales teams. It is designed to save time, reduce errors, and enhance outcomes in media planning by automating key processes. For agencies, Bionic automates workflows, making media planning and buying more efficient. Advertisers benefit from increased transparency and control over their media investments, while ad sales teams can efficiently manage Media Kits, RFPs, and orders, enhancing their inclusion in media plans.

The platform offers features like creating advertising flowcharts instantly, analyzing media plans based on marketing objectives, and managing the RFP process. It also automates the execution and placement of ads, which boosts productivity and organization. Bionic's interface, likened to an advanced Excel, is designed to be user-friendly, promoting transparency and accessibility of media investments to all stakeholders. It also supports integrations with platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to pull in performance data crucial for media campaign pacing.

Bionic’s customer-centric approach is reflected in its continuous software updates and responsiveness to user feedback, which enhance its functionality and user experience. The platform's ability to detail every aspect of a media plan, combined with performance tracking and reporting capabilities, makes it a powerful tool for agencies seeking to optimize their media planning and buying processes.



Basis is a robust media planning platform that centralizes planning, activation, execution, and analysis of media campaigns, catering to teams' needs across various functions. The tool optimizes media strategy outcomes by breaking down channel silos, simplifying processes, and accelerating digital media execution. It offers unified management of RFPs, IOs, and media plans, enabling streamlined campaign management. Basis's comprehensive platform is designed to automate and consolidate reporting across multiple channels, reducing the time and manual effort required in closing campaigns.

The platform enhances media buying efficiency through features like creating accurate and personalized DSP inventory forecasts and exclusive spend and KPI data across all Basis channels. It simplifies the entire media planning process by providing access to over 10,000 direct inventory properties, which is billed as the industry's largest media directory. This allows for quick and effective media purchasing decisions, ensuring that campaign strategies are not only targeted but also cost-effective.

Basis continues to drive innovation in the advertising technology space by integrating advanced automation for advertising setups and reporting. This ensures that marketers can focus more on strategic media planning and less on the operational complexities that often come with large-scale media campaigns. The platform supports a dynamic and ever-evolving marketing landscape, allowing teams to stay on top of trends and efficiently manage their advertising spends.



Simpli.Fi optimizes media planning through a comprehensive, integrated system designed for both digital and broadcast management. It provides powerful automation tools that eliminate repetitive tasks and manual data entry, significantly enhancing efficiency in campaign management. This system includes capabilities for managing media orders across all media types—digital, print, and out-of-home. The integration of these features allows users to track and manage campaigns efficiently from a single platform, ensuring that every dollar spent is maximized in terms of impact and results.

The platform is built with detailed flowcharts and dynamic dashboards that enable users to visualize and report on their media plans effectively. Simpli.Fi's flowcharts are designed to tell the story of a campaign with real data, making it easier to share insights and strategies with clients. Its dashboards offer robust reporting capabilities, allowing planners to track virtually any data point and gather relevant insights. This aids in making informed decisions based on comprehensive analytics and performance metrics.

Simpli.Fi stands out for its ability to create, execute, and track media orders directly from the plan, which streamlines the entire media planning process. This eliminates the need for manual data re-entry and allows for a more cohesive management experience. By consolidating media planning functions into one efficient system, Simpli.Fi provides a powerful solution that caters to the evolving needs of modern advertisers and media planners.



Comscore provides an advanced media planning tool that integrates data-driven insights across digital and traditional media platforms. This integration facilitates deduplicated, person-level insights from various data sources including Comscore's own panels, the Comscore Census Network, and third-party data. These capabilities enable media planners to simulate effective reach and demographic targeting, thereby assessing impacts on pricing and scale within the digital ecosystem. Adjustments to CPM rates, impressions, and frequency caps can be made rapidly to optimize campaign impacts based on real-time data analysis.

The Comscore tool is designed with the future of media planning in mind, focusing on the integration of real-time data and strategic planning. Media Planner 2.0, the next generation of Comscore’s platform, offers a fully integrated, end-to-end workflow system. This system allows for streamlined planning processes, where media planners can utilize cookie-based audience data, combine different media channels into a unified plan, and achieve pre-buy reach and frequency analysis all within one platform. This reduces the need for numerous Excel spreadsheets and manual data entry, which have traditionally slowed down the media planning process.

By combining innovative technology with detailed audience analytics, Comscore's tools are transforming how media plans are crafted and executed, ensuring that they are not only efficient but also highly effective. The tool’s powerful capabilities in data integration and analysis enable media planners to make informed decisions that optimize ROI and meet communication objectives across various media channels.



MRI-Simmons, a merger of MRI and Simmons, is a premier provider of consumer insights, integrating flexible consumer profiling, analytics, and data visualization tools tailored for comprehensive media planning. As a result of the merger and rebranding to MRI Simmons and then Catalyst, the tool offers unique cross-channel engagement metrics through the Multi-Media Engagement Study. This metric goes beyond basic demographic data by incorporating cognitive and behavioral measures of engagement across diverse media such as TV, magazines, and digital platforms.

The MRI-Simmons platform provides access to rich consumer data encompassing demographics, psychographics, brand preferences, and media consumption patterns. Utilizing data from the MRI-Simmons USA Study and the Simmons National Consumer Survey, the platform boasts over 60,000 data elements that help media companies drive ad sales and devise effective cross-channel engagement and content strategies. This comprehensive data collection allows for robust audience insights that support tailored and effective media planning and buying.

Furthermore, MRI-Simmons facilitates in-depth analysis with tools like Simmons Insights, which was upgraded to Catalyst. This tool simplifies the creation of quick reports and crosstabs, providing insights into consumer attitudes, product usage, and media habits. The integration of extensive survey data with advanced analytics tools makes MRI-Simmons an invaluable resource for media companies seeking to optimize engagement and maximize the impact of their advertising efforts.

source: is primarily recognized as a project management platform, but it is uniquely positioned to assist with media planning due to its robust features that cater specifically to agencies and creatives. It organizes all projects into a single hub, enhancing visibility and control over each component of a campaign, which is crucial for efficient media planning. The platform offers a suite of tools including Desk, Chat, and Spaces, enabling seamless collaboration and integration of various media planning activities into one streamlined workflow. supports media planning with tools that facilitate powerful integration with existing business tools, robust project management features, and comprehensive templates which are freely available to subscribers. This combination allows media agencies to keep their projects on track and within budget. Additionally, the platform's capabilities in time tracking, budgeting, profitability analysis, and resource allocation make it an essential tool for agencies aiming to optimize their media planning processes and improve overall campaign effectiveness.

Furthermore,'s ability to integrate seamlessly with other tools enhances its utility as a media planning platform. Agencies can use to manage media buying and planning activities, ensuring that all aspects of media strategy are aligned and executed efficiently. This makes an invaluable asset for any organization involved in media planning and buying, looking to scale their operations and enhance their strategic output.



Mediatool is a comprehensive all-in-one platform for media planning and marketing analysis, designed to streamline the management of marketing activities, campaign plans, and reports from a single centralized hub. This cloud-based tool is pivotal for advertisers and agencies, providing a reliable source for all media planning and marketing operations. Mediatool's platform offers clever collaboration tools across various teams, seamless data integration, complete budget control, and real-time performance to optimize investments in a user-friendly interface.

With Mediatool, users gain a complete overview of their marketing activities, enhancing visibility and control over campaigns. The platform supports effective time management and productivity enhancement by automating reports and providing real-time campaign performance updates, which are crucial for timely adjustments and optimization. It facilitates strategic planning with its customizable features, allowing users to track planned versus actual costs and effectively allocate budgets. The tool also enables detailed and visually appealing reporting, which is essential for demonstrating campaign success and making data-driven decisions.

Overall, Mediatool transforms complex data from various campaigns into structured, actionable insights, simplifying the media planning process. It reduces the need for disjointed spreadsheets and manual data handling by centralizing media management, thereby fostering collaboration among teams and aligning campaign objectives more efficiently. Mediatool not only enhances the strategic execution of campaigns but also significantly impacts the profitability and ROI of media investments.



Illumin offers a comprehensive journey advertising platform that integrates media planning and buying, providing marketers with an interactive and intuitive interface to plan, activate, and measure online advertising campaigns effectively. With its connected journey canvas, Illumin allows users to visually map out ad campaigns by dragging and dropping creatives, conditions, and audiences, enabling them to analyze audience progression and stage-specific metrics in real-time. Testimonials from users highlight Illumin's effectiveness in targeting consumers at various stages of the marketing funnel, resulting in more meaningful interactions and lower costs of acquisition.

Designed to emulate how marketers think and execute their advertising campaigns, Illumin's platform simplifies the ad tech stack, empowering agencies and brands to optimize their media strategies. It offers a top-down analysis of campaign performance, enabling users to identify optimal routes and sequences for their campaigns based on customized key metrics. While Illumin functions as a programmatic advertising platform, it goes beyond traditional DSPs, providing unique technology for visual planning, execution, and analysis of marketing strategies all in one place.

Empowering marketers with real-time data, visual planning tools, and self-serve options, Illumin enables brands and agencies to make smarter decisions about targeting and communicating with their online audiences. With its focus on journey advertising, Illumin helps marketers create customized messaging for different audience segments at each phase of the marketing funnel, ultimately leading to higher rates of conversion. For those interested in learning more about journey advertising, Illumin offers resources and support to help marketers navigate and optimize their campaigns effectively.



Lytho, a global brand management solution offered by the Dutch company of the same name, provides users with tools to manage, create, and publish marketing content efficiently. With modules like Brand Center, Digital Asset Management, and Create & Publish, Lytho enables users to access content from their own data library, seamlessly integrated with the Adobe Creative Cloud. The platform's open architecture allows for easy integration into existing ecosystems, offering flexibility and convenience.

Designed to streamline brand communication and optimize marketing efforts, Lytho offers features such as centralized content management, efficient digital asset handling, and creative content creation and publishing capabilities. Users across various industries, including automotive, healthcare, retail, and sports, can benefit from Lytho's template-driven approach, ensuring consistency in brand messaging and creative output.

Testimonials from users highlight Lytho's ease of use, intuitive interface, and effectiveness in simplifying collaboration and workflow management. With features like dynamic brand guides, AI-driven auto-tagging, and integration with Microsoft Office and Adobe InDesign, Lytho empowers users to create, manage, and distribute marketing assets efficiently, driving brand consistency and enhancing productivity.



Telmar is a global leader in advertising and media software, offering innovative cloud-based tools to influential agencies, media owners, and planners for creating, planning, and predicting successful media campaigns. With over 50 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry, Telmar provides easy-to-use software products and solutions that support over 8,000 databases, making it the most trusted third-party data analysis software worldwide. Telmar serves over 25,000 clients across 100 countries, with a team of media experts stationed in offices around the world, including New York City, London, Toronto, Johannesburg, Paris, Amsterdam, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

One of Telmar's notable solutions is its integration of various media channels and data to enhance overall campaign performance. By loading syndicated surveys, broadcast data sets, and proprietary data sets annually, Telmar enables users to integrate data seamlessly, providing insights for improved media planning and buying. The integration of media planning and buying software streamlines the entire process, creating efficiency for clients, agencies, and vendors alike. Telmar's partnership with DOmedia exemplifies this integration, allowing agencies to transition seamlessly from media planning to vendor proposals, enhancing responsiveness to client needs and enabling consistent data analysis for improved decision-making.

With Telmar's commitment to diversity and empowerment, initiatives like the TMS Transformation Trust aim to foster diversity within the media and advertising industry. Through ownership schemes dedicated to economic inclusion, Telmar supports eligible black individuals in South Africa, providing opportunities for growth and leadership in the industry. Telmar's dedication to diversity extends to its leadership team, with individuals like Shanitha Singh and Lebogang Matai leading the charge in promoting diversity and inclusion within the company and the industry as a whole.



SQAD offers a comprehensive media planning and management system that simplifies research, review, planning, management, and reporting across all media strategies, including network, local, cable television, radio, out-of-home, and digital channels. With SQAD, users can reveal the cost behind the audience and efficiently plan the use of marketing budgets using actual transaction-based cost data. The platform provides lightning-fast analytics reporting from Nielsen & Comscore, enabling users to understand audience engagement and trends with ease. Trusted by leading agencies and brands worldwide, SQAD's user-friendly workflow productivity optimization enhances mission-critical media management and planning.

Media planning involves determining how, when, and where to deliver an advertising message to a selected audience. This process requires analyzing audiences, channels, and advertisements to communicate a message efficiently. SQAD's multi-source audience analytics and research platform, MediaLogic, covers Nielsen and Comscore audience data, offering insights that transform media planning workflows. By eliminating time-consuming research and archaic spreadsheets, SQAD enables users to understand audience trends like never before, empowering informed decision-making.

Marketers face the challenge of balancing campaign efforts across various media platforms and assets. A thorough media planning strategy is crucial for accurately monitoring campaign success and optimizing performance. SQAD's sophisticated media planning and management system provide marketers with centralized information across all platforms, optimizing campaigns, streamlining the review process, and ultimately delivering maximum ROI.



Videobeat, a full-service video marketing agency, integrates creativity with data-driven media planning to optimize TV campaigns in real-time. With a focus on digital KPIs, Videobeat delivers measurable success by challenging the status quo of video advertising. The agency offers strategy consulting, creative services, video production, media buying, and optimization through its proprietary attribution software, Videobeat Analytics. By providing holistic solutions across all platforms, Videobeat helps well-known brands and emerging startups achieve the best possible marketing ROI.

Through strategic partnerships and continuous campaign optimization, Videobeat drives tangible results for its clients. For example, by collaborating with Exporo, a FinTech company specializing in crowd investing in real estate, Videobeat increased media pressure by 40% while reducing the Cost per Visit by 10%. Similarly, Videobeat partnered with Küchenquelle, a kitchen manufacturer, to scale their operations using TV advertising. By optimizing TV performance and increasing brand awareness through KPI-oriented media planning, Videobeat lowered Küchenquelle's CPM by 28% and the Cost per Visit by 31%, demonstrating its expertise in video marketing across platforms.

Videobeat's commitment to innovation and client success is evident in its team of over 70 employees across offices in Hamburg, Berlin, London, and New York. By leveraging data-driven technology and creative expertise, Videobeat continues to redefine video advertising and stay ahead of the competition in the ever-evolving digital landscape.



Semcasting offers a suite of data-driven marketing solutions aimed at empowering marketers to maximize reach and optimize campaign performance. Their AudienceDesigner platform enables marketers to activate first-party CRM and prospect data, enhance data with third-party insights, and leverage lookalike modeling for audience expansion. Additionally, Semcasting's IdentityXchange service provides identity resolution, allowing brands to append digital IDs to customer data for improved media activation and measurement.

With Semcasting's Media Zones, marketers can integrate contextual audience preferences into their identity graphs, enabling more targeted and efficient media choices. This patented technology leverages genetic algorithms to analyze user IDs and impressions, helping advertisers prioritize media where their audiences are most engaged. By combining programmatic and endemic targeting, Semcasting's Media Zones ensure advertisers connect with qualified users sooner, resulting in more efficient ad spend and higher campaign ROI.

Furthermore, Semcasting's commitment to innovation is evidenced by their recent patent for Semcasting Media Zones, solidifying their position as leaders in cookieless targeting and identity resolution. With a focus on simplifying audience targeting and reaching the right person at the right time, Semcasting continues to provide marketers with industry-specific data expertise and solutions to drive success in today's dynamic digital landscape.


140 Proof is a pioneering advertising company that leverages social data from various sources to target relevant ads based on consumers' interests, as indicated by their social activity across different networks. Founded in 2009 by Jon Elvekrog and John Manoogian III, the company initially focused on app-based advertising, referencing Twitter's 140-character limit in its name.

Through its API, 140 Proof enables third-party apps to display targeted ads on various platforms, including social sites, mobile networks, and blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr. The company's patented method allows for precise targeting based on persona data, enhancing the effectiveness of ad campaigns. In 2016, 140 Proof was acquired by AcuityAds, further expanding its reach and capabilities in the advertising industry.

With innovative solutions like the 140 Proof Platform, the company facilitates direct advertising for media brands, enabling them to monetize their social content and audience across different digital devices. By harnessing proprietary interest graph technology, 140 Proof delivers highly targeted ads based on users' social cues, driving engagement and performance for advertisers.



Hawk, formerly known as TabMo, offers a comprehensive platform that combines intelligent planning tools, omnichannel activations (DOOH, Audio, Mobile, CTV, Desktop), and solutions for advertising effectiveness measurement. The platform caters to media agencies and brands throughout the marketing value chain, automating the orchestration and analysis of advertising efforts. It enables global, multi-device media buying through a connected programmatic infrastructure while providing in-depth insights. Hawk operates as a DSP with a media-buying solution that doesn't rely on cookies, making it well-suited for the "Cookieless Futures" landscape.

Hawk's DSP allows advertisers to purchase ad space across DOOH, Audio, Mobile, CTV, and Desktop within the programmatic media ecosystem worldwide. Target audience data can be selected through data partners like adsquare, zeotap, Cynapsis, or the Hawk Marketplace and activated through the DSP. The platform offers opportunities for multi-device campaigns with diverse KPIs, including Mobile Gamification Ads and Mobile Drive-to-Store campaigns.

Hawk emphasizes the integration of technology and creativity, offering an integrated Creative Studio for self-service customers to create and adapt creatives. It also provides forecasting and analytic tools for optimal multi-channel campaign planning and analysis. With services covering media planning, media buying, targeting, creative, and measurement, Hawk aims to ensure campaign success through comprehensive audience targeting across various screens and approaches, available as both a Self-Service Tool and Managed Service.



Mediaplanhq is a robust online media planning software that centralizes and streamlines the management of media plans, operations, and requests, effectively eliminating the chaos commonly associated with spreadsheets and email communications. It provides a clear and structured platform where all media planning activities—from the creation and approval of media plans to the booking and invoicing of media buys—are seamlessly integrated. This centralization ensures that all team members have access to consistent and up-to-date information, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

The software supports comprehensive workflow management, including the creation of media insertion orders, communication with creative teams for ad design, and the detailed tracking of expenditures against budget allocations. Mediaplanhq also facilitates real-time monitoring of campaign spending and progress, providing essential data to optimize budget allocation and campaign performance. Additionally, its invoicing and payment features streamline financial processes, ensuring accurate matching of insertion orders with invoices received from media suppliers.

Overall, Mediaplanhq is distinguished by its ability to unify disparate aspects of media planning into a cohesive workflow. This not only saves time but also significantly reduces the potential for errors associated with manual data entry and communication lapses. The platform's emphasis on collaboration and real-time updates fosters a more dynamic and responsive media planning process.

Kantar SRDS

Kantar SrdsKantar Srds

Kantar SRDS is a comprehensive media planning platform that integrates both traditional and digital media planning tools within a single interface. It is particularly known for its extensive database which offers detailed advertising rate card information for a broad array of supply sources. This makes Kantar SRDS an essential tool for media planners and buyers seeking to access and compare media rates across various channels efficiently.

The platform has recently expanded its capabilities to include programmatic digital ad inventory, partnering with major supply-side platforms (SSP) and programmatic direct platforms. This integration aims to streamline the traditional media planning and buying process by providing media planners with direct access to premium inventory and enabling more transparent and efficient media purchases. Additionally, Kantar SRDS offers intuitive analytics dashboards that provide rapid insights, helping media professionals make informed decisions quickly.

Kantar SRDS is recognized for its role in transforming media planning with its rich set of features that support dynamic media buying strategies and detailed campaign analysis. It stands out as a pivotal resource for media agencies and brands looking to optimize their media investments and achieve comprehensive media coverage.



Briefbid is a dynamic media planning tool that revolutionizes how agencies and brands optimize their media planning and buying processes. By centralizing the vast complexities of media campaigns into a single platform, Briefbid allows users to manage campaigns efficiently, ensuring that all plans are up-to-date and easily accessible. The tool is specifically designed to enhance the strategic aspect of media planning, providing agencies with the necessary insights to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

With its focus on streamlining the media planning workflow, Briefbid offers features such as real-time campaign tracking, detailed analytics, and direct integrations with media vendors. This facilitates not only the planning and execution of media strategies but also allows for continuous performance assessment and adjustments. The platform supports a range of media types, making it a versatile choice for modern media agencies looking to innovate and improve their campaign results.

Overall, Briefbid stands out for its ability to simplify the complex facets of media planning and buying, empowering users with tools to optimize their advertising spend and strategy execution. The platform’s intuitive design and comprehensive features make it an essential tool for agencies aiming to maintain competitiveness in the fast-evolving digital advertising landscape.

Hubspot Social Media Software

Hubspot Social Media SoftwareHubspot Social Media Software

HubSpot Social Media Software provides an all-in-one platform that encompasses tools for managing and optimizing social media campaigns. The software allows users to seamlessly create, schedule, and monitor content across different social networks from a single, integrated dashboard. This ensures that marketers can maintain a consistent brand voice and strategy across all channels.

The software also includes advanced analytics features that help users measure the effectiveness of their social media campaigns in real-time. By linking social media actions to marketing automation, CRM, and email marketing, HubSpot enables deeper insights into campaign performance, helping marketers to fine-tune their strategies and improve engagement. Additionally, the platform provides automation tools to streamline routine tasks, enhancing productivity and allowing more time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Overall, HubSpot Social Media Software stands out for its comprehensive feature set that not only facilitates efficient management of social media activities but also integrates these efforts into the broader marketing framework. This helps businesses of all sizes to leverage their social media presence for maximum impact, driving better engagement and conversions through targeted, data-driven campaigns.